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Why franchise?

  • 1.

    Track Record/Strong Brand

    Since franchising in 2010, all original corporate and franchise locations are still in business, have received dozens of awards and made thousands of dogs and their owners happy. Camp Run-A-Mutt has been in business since 2008 receiving local and national attention including being listed on Inc. Magazine's Inc. 5000 (America's fastest growing private companies) three years in a row.

  • 2.

    Training, marketing, and ongoing support

    • Our training consists of five days in class training and five days on site training in San Diego, CA. Additional training available if needed.
    • On going support includes:
      • Three days staff training at your location prior to opening
      • Three days at your location at opening
      • Access to franchisee/franchisor internet portal chat room
      • 888 franchisor direct line during business hours
      • Regular phone check-ins from franchisor
      • Annual visits from franchisor
    • Marketing assistance includes:
      • Access to a library of marketing material created in house for you to personalize
      • New marketing material created quarterly
      • Facebook, Google AdWords, YouTube support
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    Real Estate Assistance

    • Site search and selection
    • Layout design
    • Permit assistance
    • Lease agreement review
    • Regular build out reviews
  • 4.

    Purchase Power

    Camp Run-A-Mutt bulk purchases most pre-designed paper and promotional items used to run and promote the business passing the savings on to you. Camp Run-A-Mutt offers wholesale discounts for synthetic turf and rubber flooring.

  • 5.

    Risk Avoidance

    Having a website, custom software, proven model, marketing material and support from day one can shorten your ROI giving you the best chance to minimize risk. While you’re working hard on the scene, we’ll be behind the scenes making sure all technologies are running and you’re supported as you take this leap of faith in yourself.

From our Franchisees

"Lore and I have loved our location for almost 4 years now. Being a part of our camper's families has been invaluably rewarding, allowing their dogs into our lives, and becoming a part of theirs, too. Smiles on their way in, and wags on their way out. Our campers have made this experience more than we ever imagined it could be. Each franchise owner strives to maintain the same high quality of care, which makes the CRAM family so influential on today's standards of daycare and boarding."

Camp Run-A-Mutt, Point Loma

"After having spent the last 20 years in a corporate environment, owning a Camp Run-A-Mutt has been the perfect solution to my mid life / mid-career crisis. The last two years have been beyond amazing. We have exceeded our goals and we couldn't be happier. With hard work comes great reward, owning a business isn't always easy, but I would take it over my 20 years in the corporate world any day!"

Camp Run-A-Mutt, Kearny Mesa

Why Camp Run-A-Mutt?

Camp Run-A-Mutt’s unique concept offers a proven, successful system combined with higher values and standards for pet care. What makes Camp Run-A-Mutt unique compared to other franchise concepts?

  • Daycare and boarding is Cage Free, the way nature intended. Cage free means our guests get to:
    • Socialize
    • Exercise
    • Splash
    • Bask in the sun
    • Enjoy a stress free stay

  • Dog friendly waterfall/splash ponds are a standard at all locations
  • Paw friendly synthetic turf is a standard at all locations
  • Joint friendly rubber flooring is a standard at all locations
  • Specific breeds are not restricted as long as dog is a good citizen, fixed and vaccinated
  • Staff is encouraged to interact with dogs (touch, love, belly rub, ear scratch, carefully hold)

  • The exclusive Muttcam system:
    • Allows anyone to view the pups without downloading or jumping through hoops
    • Provides transparency for your customers
    • Free for everyone (why charge when this is our best advertising?)
    • Works on all devices
    • State of the art technology for video quality and speed

  • Camp Run-A-Mutt is not “corporate”. We are a strong, fast growing privately owned company as reflected in our simple Royalty and National branding fees. There are no extra charges for:
    • Software
    • Website
    • Training
    • Technology
    • Web cam
    • Social media
    • Local marketing
    • Real estate

Camp Run-A-Mutt understands the leap of faith it takes to commit to this business venture (it wasn’t that long ago we were in the same situation) and the huge responsibility we have to our franchisees. We know what it takes to make this business work and have the knowledge, infrastructure, technology and systems already in place and ready to work for you. Your success is important to us, so getting your doors open and filled with pups is our primary goal.

What do I get?

Camp Run-A-Mutt® has changed dog daycare standards by studying an existing industry and making it better. We took the same approach with the dog daycare franchise by researching the competition and raising the bar. We offer a franchise that is affordable yet provides a service that is head and tails above the rest, making Camp Run-A-Mutt® something you will be proud to be a part of. As well as a successful, proven business model, we offer the following to all franchise owners:

Protected Territory

We offer a protected territory with a minimum five-mile radius for each franchisee. Based on the population density of the selected area this may be increased or decreased.
Our goal is for each location to be as successful as possible with potential satellite opportunities within your protected territory for business overflow.

Assistance in site location search and facility layout and design

Location, location, location. A successful Camp Run-A-Mutt® needs to be convenient and accessible to customers. We offer assistance in site location, including the neighborhood, population density, and physical characteristics of the site. We also include layout recommendations and design guidelines for each location based on the successful Camp Run-A-Mutt® model.

Training and support

You will benefit from our experience. You’ll be trained in all aspects of running your Camp Run-A-Mutt® including the daily operation of the business, temperament testing dogs, and training staff just to name a few. There's a lot to building a successful business, and making you comfortable and confident in running your business is a top priority for us.

Interactive web site including online registration system

All franchisees receive a complete professionally designed and developed Web site, which will become one of your best marketing tools to grow your business. Included with the Web site is an online registration system for new customers. This is a huge timesaver for your business and a great convenience for your customers!


By far the most popular feature of your Web site will be the Muttcams™ (our proprietary Webcam system). We're often told that - besides our reputation - the Muttcams™ are one of the biggest selling points for a customer when shopping for a daycare and boarding facility. We offer complete set up of this propriety system including hardware, software, and training.

Camp Run-A-Mutt® software designed to run your business efficiently

Another advantage is our custom-built software specifically developed to run your business efficiently. Check-in, checkout, scheduling, and sales are a breeze because it's all geared toward exactly what you need and is intuitive and easy to learn.

Promotional collateral/templates to market and promote your business

All marketing material is professionally designed in-house and templates made available to franchisees at no cost. All you have to do is customize with your location information.

Business development and guidance

Camp Run-A-Mutt® offers ongoing business development support and guidance to help your business grow. We know what it takes to "get the word out" even when you're the new dog on the block. Our experience helps take the guesswork out when promoting your business.

Camp Run-A-Mutt® Intranet

Along with a great Web site you will receive access to the Camp Run-A-Mutt® "Intranet" which includes business forms, marketing materials, updates to the operations manual, as well as a chat room portal with other franchisees for sharing ideas to help your business thrive.

Who we're looking for:

First and foremost, are you a true dog lover?

You know you are when you're sure the dog in the car next to you is smiling at you and you wave hoping his owner doesn't notice! We're looking for people who share the same love and passion for animals. This is what makes this business fun because when your heart is in what you do, success comes naturally.

Are you not only a dog lover but a people person?

Owning a Camp Run-A-Mutt® is far more than just running a business. It's becoming an important connection between your customers and their dogs. To most people their dogs are their kids and making that connection is both rewarding and invaluable to your customers.

Have you always wanted to make a living doing what you love?

How about waking up each morning and jumping out of bed instead of wishing it were your day off? For the right person, this business is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. Are you a leader and want to build something of your own where you can step back and look at what YOU have accomplished with an incredible sense of pride? This is truly that opportunity.

Do you have a great work ethic and expect the same of people around you?

While we feel this is a great investment and opportunity, we're not looking for someone to sit on the sidelines and "bark" orders. This is for the take-charge, hands-on kind of person who is passionate about what they do.

What's it take?

Total investment

Total investment to open a Camp Run-A-Mutt® franchise is from $173k to $400k, which includes a $35k franchise fee. This price range difference is based on the facility size and the amount of build out required for the specific location. A potential franchisee's minimum net worth should be around $150k.

Franchise fee

The franchise fee is $35k and includes a protected territory, assistance in location selection, training, layout and design, a Camp Run-A-Mutt® Web site, proprietary software to run your location, and ongoing business support. Further details of what is included can be viewed by clicking the "What do I get?" tab above.

Franchise royalties

Franchise royalties are 6% to be paid on a monthly basis. In addition to this royalty fee, 1% of gross revenue goes to the National Branding Fund used to promote and improve the Camp Run-A-Mutt® brand on a national level.

Anything else?

All franchises are required to spend a minimum of $500 per month on local advertising and self-promotion. This can be in the form of print, online, event participation, etc., anything that goes to promote business for the individual location. This amount may be reduced after two years based on business needs. Detailed expenses are outlined in our Franchise Disclosure Document. To get started with the review process, please fill out the online Request franchise information form and we will contact you within 72 hours to discuss the opportunity.

What's next?

Think Camp Run-A-Mutt is right for you?

If you'd like to explore the opportunity of owning a Camp Run-A-Mutt, please complete the franchise info request by clicking on the link below. We will contact you within 72 hours to answer your questions and to explain the franchising process as well as qualifications.

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