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Cage Free Daycare

Camp Run-A-Mutt offers the most unique cage free daycare anywhere. We feature a park-like outdoor setting on premium synthetic turf, with a splash pond and waterfall. We have ramps, bridges, and tunnels to run through and water proof dog beds to stretch out on in the sunshine. There’s also plenty of fresh drinking water and lots of shade those hot summer days.

While all that is important, it’s what we don’t have that’s just as important - cages. Our campers get to run, chase, fetch, sniff, be sniffed and just be a dog. And it all happens while getting the socialization, loving attention and exercise every dog needs. Our highly qualified team of “Alpha humans” encourages good behavior, safety and fun. Camp Run-A-Mutt guests are never caged, never left unattended and can be watched on our Muttcams from any computer, smart phone or tablet.

Benefits of daycare

Let's face it, our dogs are our "kids", and just like humans, they need love, attention, exercise, and guidance. Doggie daycare provides these essentials. Just interacting with other dogs will help your four-legged friend learn the social skills they need to be happy, confident and healthy. Ideally, building these skills begins when your canine kid is a puppy, but can be learned at any age. Dogs are "pack" animals at their core, and a feeling of belonging and acceptance comes from being around other members of the pack. The great part about Camp Run-A-Mutt is that your fur kid gets to socialize in a physically safe environment, with other dogs whose temperaments have been carefully evaluated, all while being constantly supervised by our staff. Running, jumping, fetching, splashing and chasing are all part of a typical day at CRAM, and while your pup is engaging in these activities they are getting the mental and physical stimulation they need.

Our staff and Campers

Our staff knows the concept of being the "Alpha Dog" in the pack. They have years of experience in dog handling and reading dog body language, and they understand how important it is for a dog to listen and respond for the safety and fun of everyone in the yard. Camper wannabes are required to know basic obedience, show no aggression toward dogs or humans, play well with dogs of all sizes, refrain from jumping onto humans, and not bark excessively. These are the characteristics we look for when testing and they are positively reinforced by our staff even after the dog becomes an official "camper."

Daycare rates

Full days

Full day is from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm on weekdays, Closed for Daycare on Saturdays, and Closed for Daycare on Sundays.
Single day
Five day package
($30.00 per day)
Ten day package
($28.00 per day)
Twenty day package
($25.00 per day)
Month unlimited
($16.00 per day)

Half days

Half day is considered six hours or less.
Single half day
Five half day
($19.00 per 1/2 day)
Ten half day
($18.00 per 1/2 day)
Twenty half day
($16.00 per 1/2 day)
Month half day unlimited
($10.00 per 1/2 day)
All dogs require registration, proof of current vaccinations, and a personality test before their stay. Personality testing is done between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday-Friday. ALL vaccinations must be current before testing.

Review Camp requirements
and register online!

Cage Free Boarding

Campers who qualify to be overnight guests are in for a wonderful experience. Not only do they get to play with their buddies all day, when dinnertime rolls around, they are brought into our large rubber floored play room and fed in their own private areas. After supper, they get to romp around a little while longer, to get out any leftover energy. Then when the sun goes down, they come back inside and settle in for a night of snuggling, television, and community snoozing with the pack. For many dogs, boarding can be a stressful experience. To minimize this stress, our goal is to have your dog's stay be as close as possible to what they experience at home. Like our daycare, boarding is cage free and dogs are never left unattended. In fact, our "alpha human" stays with them in the same room all night. It’s kind of like a slum-grrr party.


While we think cage free is the best way to go, it's not for all dogs. Dogs who have not attended Camp Run-A-Mutt for daycare are required to stay at least one full “test day” (minimum six hours) for evaluation to determine if they will get along in a cage free environment. There is a discounted fee of $0 for this test day. We ask you to supply your dog’s regular food and medications, but all feedings and administering of medications is included in the cost for boarding. You can also provide their detailed care instructions using our Boarding Checklist, which can easily be filled out (and updated) online. Drop off time is before 12:00 noon and pick up is before close of business on the last day of their stay.

Boarding rates

Why pay for "extras" when they're really necessities?

Military service members (retired or active) and additional dogs in the same family will receive a 10% discount off standard daycare prices. *Some restrictions apply.
Day of play & overnight stay
no charge
no charge
no charge
Nap time
no charge
Splash pond fun
no charge
no charge
Belly rubs
no charge
Lotsa Luvin'
no charge
NOTE: Holiday rates are $60 per night.
All dogs require registration, proof of current vaccinations, and a personality test before their stay. Personality testing is done between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday-Friday. ALL vaccinations must be current before testing.

Review Camp requirements
and register online!

Full Service Grooming

Imagine your ultimate spa experience. It might include a shower with luxurious shampoos, and a stylist to give you a fresh, new look. But what if the stylist could tell you about your health too? Your pup can get more out of grooming than just a new style. A professional groomer can alert you to your dog’s specific needs, and how to keep their skin and coat in tip-top shape.

Grooming can be as basic as a regular nail trim and filing or Bath & Brush Service to keep your ‘mutt’ super soft and snuggly. Maybe your pup is a fashionista and wants to run with the “best in show” crowd. Poodle trims and sporting clips are available too, or we can create a unique look that lets your pup stand out in the pack.

Our campers never sit in a cage waiting for their appointment. They can be dropped off, play, play, play until they’re dog-tired before getting groomed and beautiful. Afterwards, if there’s time, they can play some more until it’s time to go home. Or if you need to pick up late, your pup can lounge with the groomer until you arrive, so they stay perfectly fluffy. They get a stress free, fun experience and you get a clean, fresh, and tired pup at the end of the day. Talk about convenient!! It’s the ultimate doggie spa treatment.

Dogs who are not “campers” can also be groomed but are kept separate from the rest of the dogs until they are picked up. All “non-campers” need proof of current vaccinations. Appointments are recommended.


Camp Run-A-Mutt is proud to offer full service grooming by our fantastic, highly skilled and talented groomers: Lee, Katie, and Alexis. Their love of dogs and attention to detail has earned them many loyal customers who keep bringing their pup back for more spa treatments! They do their best to work around your schedule so your pup can be squeaky clean when you come to pick 'em up. 

(Note: Grooming appointments are required for all services. Please make sure to make an appointment as soon as possible to ensure your dog will be able to receive a spa day with our groomer on the day of your choice.)

Our campers love the idea that they can be dropped off, play, play, play until they're dog-tired, get groomed and beautiful, play some more, then go home. They never sit in a cage waiting for their appointment. They get a stress free, fun experience, and you get a tired, clean and groomed pup at the end of the day!

Dogs who are not "campers" can also be groomed but are kept separate from the rest of the dogs until they are picked up. All "non-campers" need proof of current vaccinations. Grooming is by appointment only.

Grooming rates

All Packages are priced according to size, coat (including coat condition) and temperament.
Bathing Packages
Basic Bath and Blow Out
Starts at $25+
A hands-on bath and blow-dry service (no brush out, short hair dogs only)
Spa Treatment
Starts at $35+
Bath, blow-dry, brush out service. Includes nail trim and ear cleaning.
Starts at $45+
Coat is king for this sleek service. Any unwanted hair is out with this thorough extended condition and brush out.
Starts at $38+
Dogs and fleas don’t make friends. Fleas can wreak havoc on your pup’s skin causing allergies and hot spots to flare up. Treat it all with this package to be rid of the flea cycle and ease the itching.
Skunk Off
Starts at $38+
When your pup is just too curious to make friends, we can follow up with natural remedy and de-odorizing shampoo paired together in this package.
Check Me Out (CMO)
Starting price varies
Our campers that sleep over for boarding enjoy a 20% discount on their day of check out for any bath service. *Requires phone consultation with groomer
Puppy Package
The new kids at camp get an intro to all things grooming. *Available for campers up to 7 months of age.
Hygiene Package
Sans bath, this covers your pup’s needs in between grooming services with ears, nails, teeth, anal gland expression, and sanitary trim.
Grooming Packages
Touch Up
Starts at $45+
When you’re between grooms and need to look good for company, this package includes a Hand Bath with a trim for face, feet and rump (including tail or nubbin).
Body Contour
Starts at $55+
When you like to keep styling simple, this service is for a one-length clip all over. Nice and tidy for easy maintenance.
Breed Style
Starts at $65+
Some pups have “fancy genes.” Consult a groomer for what style will enhance your pup’s most prominent line. *Mutts welcome!
Starts at $85+
Our all-inclusive offering with top shelf products paired with your pup’s finest styling.
Starts at $110+
Is your pup a fashionista? Creative and Fusion Grooming are all the rage. *Consultation required.
A La Carte Services
Nail Trim
Basic nail trim, including dremeling
Ear Cleaning
Gentle but thorough ear cleaning using __________(type of cleaner?)
Teeth Brushing
(With enzymatic toothpaste and brush? or some other fashion?)
$10 per 15 minutes
Define dematting? Using a comb to attempt to work out mats? I would recommend $10/15 minutes - Analiese
Ear Cleanse
Keep dirt out!
Thank you!
We will contact you soon
to confirm availability.

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Obedience Classes

Camp Run-A-Mutt believes positive reinforcement training is the only way to go. The positive reinforcement method rewards the dog (by praise, treat or clicker) when desired behavior happens. It's a tried and true method which humans, dogs and Camp Run-A-Mutt prefer.

We offer group training classes that are great for puppies and younger dogs who need a little more practice with the basics such as walking on a loose leash, coming on command, “sit” and “stay.” One thing we know to be true at Camp Run-A-Mutt is you CAN teach old dogs new tricks, so group classes are available for all campers (and non-campers!).

Sign up today, it's easy as "sit, stay"

Camp Run-A-Mutt’s cage free daycare, along with our obedience classes are a winning combination for just about any dog. The earlier your dog starts with socializing and proper training, the better quality of life he, and you, will have. You'll have a dog that’s confident, healthy, and happy because you cared enough to give him exactly what every dog needs.

We encourage the whole family to get involved with training so that’s why our classes are designed to teach the humans as well as the dogs.

trainer bio goes here

We currently do not offer training classes so leave this page "off" for now

Rates & info

PAWsitive Puppy Class

PAWsitive Puppy Class
$150 for Six Sessions
January 21st, 9:00am
For puppies 8 weeks to 5 months. Build a PAWsitive relationship with your puppy in this class where we help you and your pup become a well-mannered team! We will cover basic obedience skills like sit, down, stay, and come when called--but we are much more than just your basic puppy obedience class! Other topics we cover include socialization, potty training, polite greetings, body language, and confidence building to help you and your pup live a PAWsitive life together!
notes for class

Thank you for signing up!
We will contact you soon to confirm your registration.

Obedience Class Sign Up